Western Digital AV-GP 320GB SATA/300 IntelliPower 8MB Hard Drive
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Western Digital AV-GP 320GB SATA/300 IntelliPower 8MB Hard Drive

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Western Digital AV-GP 320GB SATA/300IntelliPower 8MB Hard Drive


  • Western Digital GreenWD3200AVVS 320 GB SATA/300 IntelliPower 8 MB Hard Drive
  • GeneralFeatures:
  • 320 GB capacity
  • SATA/300interface
  • 3.0 Gb/s data transferrate
  • IntelliPower RPM spindlespeed
  • 8 MB buffer
  • 4.2 ms averagelatency
  • 3.5-inch formfactor
  • WD GreenPowertechnology
  • Compatible in a broad rangeof AV products including set top boxes, DVD recorders andmainstream surveillance systems
  • SilkStream - optimized forsmooth, continuous digital video playback of up to twelvesimultaneous HD streams
  • IntelliSeek technologycalculates optimum seek speeds to lower powerconsumption
  • IntelliPark technologydelivers lower power consumption by automatically unloading theheads during idle
  • Preemptive Wear Leveling(PWL) - the drive arm sweeps across the disk to reduce unevenwear
  • Reduced powerconsumption
  • Advanced Format (AF)technology
  • PowerSpecifications:
  • 5VDC, 0.65A
  • 12VDC, 0.50A

  • Notes:
  • Series: Green
  • Model: WD3200AVVS
  • ProductRequirements:
  • Serial ATAcontroller
  • Serial ATA datacable
  • Serial ATA powercable
  • Available 3.5-inch drivebay
  • GradeA:
  • Device is in close to newcondition, but will certainly have one or two minor blemishes thatare almost unnoticeable to the human eye. This device will be fullytested and fully functional.

    Package Includes
    • Western Digital 320 GBSATA/300 Hard Drive only